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cricket voices sing cool evening to the nearby ocean

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Hass, Robert (ed., trans.). 1995. The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa. Ecco Press.

Bashō, Matsuo. 1640-1698. Basho's Haiku. Haiku Poet's Hut.

Bashō, Matsuo. Classical Japanese Database. Classical Japanese Database

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Hass, Robert. 2003. Lunch Poems: Robert Hass. (After hosting Lunch Poems for eight years, Robert Hass has finally been prevailed upon to read his own poems in the series. Former Poet Laureate of the U.S., Hass is a UC Berkeley professor who has made important contributions in poetry, criticism, and translation. His books of poetry are Sun Under Wood, Human Wishes, Praise, and Field Guide, the latter winner of the Yale Younger Poets Award. His critical essays are assembled in Twentieth Century Pleasures, and the poets he has translated include Czeslaw Milosz, Tomas Tranströmer, and masters of Japanese haiku). Berkeley, CA: UC Berkeley.

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